Not many experiences are as daunting as engagement ring shopping, be it alone or with your fiancée. It may seem as if the perfect diamond engagement ring doesn’t exist no matter how many jewelry stores you search.


Browsing different diamond jewelry catalogues is just a recipe for more confusion – what with the extensive collection many jewelers offer as well as alternatives of diamond engagement rings.

Yet, this is a task that you cannot get away from. Have little idea what to look for when engagement ring shopping? Keep the following in mind before setting out:

Diamond Shape Matters First – Settings Come Secondary

Is the diamond shape more important that the 4 Cs? Yes, you must know what diamond shape your beloved fiancée-to-be will prefer even before considering the 4 important Cs. Diamond settings are also secondary when it comes to shape because shape indicates actual geometry of the stone.

It’s also important to consider a quality setting of your chosen diamond engagement ring. A setting is the metal framework in which the diamond or another stone is mounted. Why is the ring setting important? It helps to set the overall tone for the ring.

Consider purchasing a classic round engagement ring stone embedded in a bezel setting. The end result will be a fresh and modern take, preferred by 21st century brides.

Measure Your Significant Other’s Ring Size

Not every ring can be resized to fit the wearer. Don’t forget this when shopping for an engagement ring! Isn’t this why most jewelry stores in Hawaii offer ring resizing services? It’s possible to resize a ring but this process requires cutting out silver, then either adding more metal or closing the gap completely.

What kind of rings cannot be easily resized?

  • Many antique rings
  • Engraved rings
  • Rings with gems wrapped around the band
  • Rings with tension setting

Consider Engagement Ring Purchasing Avenues

There are three main options when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring. You can either design your own ring, buy a pre-made one, or visit an online jewelry store.

Designing your own ring i.e. buying a customized ring is considered the best option seeing how the end product will be to your fiancée’s preferences. However, this option can take a longer time to complete.

Benefits of buying online or from a brick and mortar jewelry store are:

Buy Online

Browsing through an online catalogue has become easier, with so many different styles of diamond engagement rings available from vendors. Many jewelry companies even offer practical and convenient shipping.

Buy in a Physical Store

You get what you see in a brick and mortar store. Additionally, the chosen engagement ring is yours to take home immediately even after resizing.

It’s important to think about how and where you will purchase the engagement ring as that’ll ensure price markup is affordable. View Solitaire Jeweler’s online catalogue and choose the prettiest one for your loved one.