Just as a few factors influence our decisions in everyday life, so does the 4Cs influences how much every stone is and should be priced.

It is obvious – a perfectly unblemished, flawless, and well-proportioned stone will cost a lot more than a flawed diamond, even if showcasing the same carat weight.


However, there is another factor that influences final diamond price which is supply and demand. The entire diamond industry revolves around this simple concept.

A factor that is responsible for depreciating value and price of certain diamond shapes while creating a monopoly of demand for others is the brilliance of a diamond.

Diamond Shape –What Is the Most Expensive?

In the midst of many diamond cuts and shapes, only one is the fairest of them all.

It’s the round brilliant diamond. The reasoning behind its popularity is simple, a diamond is known because of the sparkle it throws.

Round brilliant diamonds deliver more sparkle due to well placed facets each piece features, which is also why brides prefer round brilliant diamonds as the centerpiece of their engagement ring.  

Additionally 75% of all diamonds sold in the world are round brilliant diamonds. However, it’s not only the popularity of this diamond cut that increases the price.  

What Makes This Cut More Expensive Than Even Fancy Cut Diamonds?

The world’s diamond market is mostly run by rules of demand and supply i.e. if the item’s production is low, price shall be high. The same rules apply to round brilliants! While demand for this beautiful diamond cut is incredibly high, production is relatively low.

This is why all round brilliants are priced higher per their carat weight.  Is there another reason for their expensive and illusive nature? Yes, how round diamonds are cut also dictates automatic high price.

A Lot of Rough Stone Is Wasted In the Process

Wastage from cutting of a rough diamond is comparatively higher than other cuts. This increases cost per carat weight. In fact, in a comparison of round brilliants and fancy cuts… cost of round diamonds will exceed 25% to 35%, even if the same carat, color, and clarity.

Its price doesn’t stop people from investing in this brilliant and beautiful cut!

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