Different cultures across the world have always believed in the magical and healing powers of crystals and gemstones. Colorful gemstones, featuring vivid designs and imperfections have been used in rituals – meant for increasing spirituality, mortality, or another such thing. Each gemstone was thought to direct positive energies to the wearer, in combination of a particular sign or planet.

Many people prefer to buy a gemstone that corresponds with their zodiac sign, as a good luck charm or simply because the piece is uniquely ‘theirs’! Want to find a piece of jewelry that doesn’t only fit you perfectly but also your personality?

Following is a list of our recommendations, for the popular star signs:  

Diamond for Aries

What are the words that best describe an Aries woman? Adventurous, confident, and always optimistic—qualities such as these deserve recognition from the best gemstone!

The timeless and ever-classic diamond is perfect – whether set in a bold Chopard pendant necklace or featured in an elegant split shank solitaire ring.  


Sapphire for Virgo

The Virgo woman isn’t only beautiful but also talented, ambitious, courteous and a perfectionist. There is only one gemstone that matches her personality and drive—the sapphire. Chances are you already have eyes set on an exquisite piece of jewelry that matches your lifestyle. If not, maybe a Blue Ceylon Sapphire Platinum Ring will catch your fancy.


Ruby for Pisces

Immensely talent with attractive side qualities of humility, perceptive and supportive makes up the Piscean woman. Fiery ruby fit the bill quite nicely, a beautiful gemstone that symbolizes passion and unbridled love.

Alternate gemstones for this multi-faceted personality are Aquamarine and Amethyst. This Ruby Diamond Halo Ring from Solitaire Jewelers is a good jewelry consideration.

A stunning combination of aquamarine and amethyst can be found in this offering by the same jeweler.


Peridot for Leo

The Leo woman is generous, creative and passionate. Such a gentle yet fierce soul deserves a gemstone that offers the same qualities – complementing greatly in the process.

Although the Peridot is the gemstone for this zodiac sign, truth is Leo like to mix it up. They have an innate sense of style, meaning their jewelry box comprises one of kind pieces which they have no trouble making their own.    


Take a look at this vintage styled Lapis Lazuli and Gold Bracelet.

Not so intent on buying a jewelry piece set with your birthstone? Solitaire Jewelers offers a wide range of estate jewelry pieces in gold, platinum and other precious metals! Visit our store today.