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Round Crisscut Diamond AGS Certified 1.016ct J-VS2

$ 20,250.00

Christopher Designs Round Crisscut Diamond AGS Certified 1.016ct J-VS2

Item Details

Stock number: 110-10095-L
Shape: Round
Carat Weight: 1.016
Color: J
Clarity: VS2
Diamond Certified By: AGS
Shipping: FREE

The newest addition to the Crisscut® family: Christopher Designs the Crisscut ® Round. Although related to the popular 58-facet round brilliant diamond, it occupies a class all its own. Cut from AGS ideal "triple zero" diamonds, the Crisscut ® Round boasts 121 facets, which radiate unequaled brilliance. Although it appears round, the stone actually has 12 straight walls and 12 sides, each so flawlessly cut that a dozen arrow point perfectly to the stone's center. The diamond's edges break the light, creating the illusion of an exquisitely scalloped border.

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