Curious about measuring ring sizes to find the perfect fit for your partner's diamond engagement ring? Discover our expert tips to ensure you get it just right!

Finding Ring Size (Without Them Knowing)

Ring Size Measurement Guide - Determine the Right Ring Size

Many jewelers offer a tool for measuring the ring finger to determine the correct size. However, if you plan to give the ring as a surprise gift, you'll need to find a way to obtain an accurate ring size without your partner's awareness. 

Here are three discrete methods to determine your partner's ring size without raising suspicion.

1. Ask For Help

Seek assistance from your trusted friends and/or family members. These individuals can serve as valuable allies in your quest for the ideal ring. They can give you one of your partner's seldom-worn rings to take to the jeweler or help you discreetly determine their size. 

The notable advantage of involving a friend or family member is their ability to assist you in selecting a ring that will captivate your partner's heart.

2. Trace It

If your partner wears any rings, it is recommended to wait until they remove it at night & discreetly trace the ring's inside diameter on paper. This measurement can be used with a reputable jeweler to determine the correct size, or you can utilize our ring size tool. 

Please select a ring typically worn on the ring finger, as different fingers may have varying sizes.

3. Wait Until They're Asleep

To ensure accuracy, gently place a string around your partner's ring finger while asleep. Carefully remove the string & measure its diameter. Please note that this method should only be attempted if your partner is a deep sleeper. 

It is important to avoid excessive tightness, as it may cause the ring to become too small. The ring can still be worn for the proposal pictures if it is slightly larger.

Expert Guidance

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Proper Ring Sizing

Ring Sizer Guide - Measuring Ring Size for Perfect Fit

When determining the appropriate ring size, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • The ring finger is located between the middle finger & the pinkie.
  • If you are purchasing an engagement ring, it is traditionally worn on the left-hand's ring finger.
  • The ring finger on the dominant hand is typically slightly larger.
  • Finger size can change due to various factors, such as the time of day, temperature, or fluctuations in weight.
  • Fingers have a tendency to swell as the day progresses. Therefore, a ring that fits well in the morning may become tight later in the day.
  • It is recommended to take measurements at different times of the day when the finger has a different temperature for the most precise measurements.

Ring Width: A Matter of Taste

While the diameter is the most crucial measurement for ring size, it's also important to consider the width of the ring. Wider rings generally have a tighter fit, while thinner rings are looser. However, the choice of ring width primarily depends on personal taste & aesthetics. 

Ring width is measured in millimeters & rings between two & three millimeters tend to have a thin & delicate appearance. If you plan to wear two rings on the same finger, opting for a thinner width for at least one ensures ample space below the knuckle for both rings.

Ring widths ranging from three to four millimeters are generally favored by most individuals. Within this range is ample room to securely set a relatively large gem. Opting for a ring with a width between five & six millimeters will result in a more prominent & statement-making piece. 

This choice is particularly suitable if your ring design features intricate details or significant engraving.

Measuring Standards

Rings are typically measured by their inner diameter in millimeters. Different countries employ distinct size standards, which can be found & compared in this ring size conversion chart. In the United States, sizes are determined using a numeric scale based on quarters & half units. The standard U.S. ring sizes range from 3 to 13.5. On average, the ring size tends to be around 6, corresponding to an inner diameter of 16.5 millimeters.

Ultimately, selecting a ring size that corresponds most comfortably & securely to the wearer's finger is advisable. Hence, measuring the wearer's finger must determine the appropriate ring size.

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Ring Sizing Chart - Find Your Perfect Ring Size Guide

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